The center of the  building began in 1339 as a general hospital with multiple wards (including ear, nose and throat, gynecology, general surgery, pediatrics and internal) with a base of 2500 square meters and fifty beds with limited facilities of laboratory, radiology and chemists , then was completed   with pharmacy, clinics, physiotherapy, administration and financial, service unites in 1358   with the  base of 800 square meters on two floors by a kindness  deceased  Mr.  Kazem Farah  in the form of hospital and delivered to  Shiraz University .  After separation of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences  from shiraz university in 1373, this building known as a educational hospital for burn injuries  in Fars provinces and the number of beds has increased to 64. This center not only support  the Fars province but also several provinces which are in southern provinces .

 License expiration date of establishment (exploitation) Hospital: 24.03.2013

Now this hospital consists of experts as follows
general surgery specialists, surgery, internal medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics and physical therapy, nutritional therapy and treatment of infectious diseases to engage clients.
number of beds separately:
 Burned children : 13 beds
Women burn : 12 beds
 Men burn : 18 beds
 Burn ICU : 6 beds
 General surgery : 14 beds
Bed for less than 6 hours : 1 bed
تاریخ آخرین بروزرسانی   :  1394-6-22 9:07        برو بالای صفحه نسخه قابل چاپ